Individual 5 week project

This 5 Week learning cycle we have the opportunity to choose our subject matter in a project with my tutor, I have decided that the best way to forward my career in the industry will be to get into Interactive digital media. Over the next 5 weeks me and my tutor have discussed the idea of producing a data visualisation, perhaps including a video element, over the next few weeks I will aim to get to grips with Processing programing language and develop a piece of coding which can show these chosen results.

With luck I can learn this second language much better than my attempts to learn french and look forward to seeing what I can produce to display a suppressed creative flair 🙂

What I actually did on my day off :)

360 Fashion pitch

We where asked for our project to develop a 360 degree pitch for a 3D media, we decided on fashion to be our central theme and worked at developing a sales platform to intest a high end demographic.

First point of call was to get to grips with 3D filming, we soon got together and begun to plan a 3D fashion shoot to work in hand with our products.

My dicipline for the project was to develop ideas freindly to the mobile platforms, finding some intresting stats on the prediction of 3D development of mobile devices capable of non glasses viewing.

I also took on Uses and gratification theory. An important mass media theory thorght up by Bulmer and Kats early in broadcasting, this allowed me to look at the deep relationship between fashion and social gratification, however I will go into this in more detail in my next post

Smirnoff’s new AR bottles, I have heavily been reserching this

Somthing AR this way comes

The True Uncanny

Back draft

After a few days of dossing, I have failed to construct a website with twitter, facebook and wordpress feeds, this I planned would increase its visibility and online presence, but I will come back to it later in the year,

The Uncanny modern media formats

The MA students have been asked to identify the uncanny, I wanted to take a look at the broader context of the term as something unfamiliar yet strangely familiar. This simple definition opened up some old thought towards the “Uses and Gratification Theory” I once researched into. The theory identifies that viewers watch content with gratifies a particular need, this theory was used by content developers to take interests from their audiences and make content which fulfilled certain gratifications.

this lead to a number of formats becoming more and more defined untill most genres had a familiar content layout.

This theory has led me to think about modern media productions and their uncanny formats, for example “Have I got news for you” and “Never mind the buzzcocks” both have an extremely similar format despite their differences in subject matter. It is possible to find many uncanny resemblances between modern media content due to the fact that they will try to take minimal risks by using familiar popular content formats and altering them.

I wonder if anyone else feels this is an apropriate definition in context to the broadcast industry.

Why am I here and doing this?

Why am I on the MA course?
I have joined the MA course straight from my BA, I have been keen to speed through my education and gain qualifications as young as I can, achieving my degree at age 19 I should graduate from my masters just after my 21st birthday. This I am hoping will give me a good start in the industry combining the advantages of being educated and starting from a young age.
I have a few clear ideas on what I wish to achieve during my time on the masters course. Lined up are experiments in 360 degree motion tracking using different infra spectrum light and motion tracking to attempt a view dependent environment with augmented reality headsets. I will also attempt to produce 3D content and experiment over the year with different footage. My dream is to graduate into a job with a company specializing with the technology.
Par my academic attempts I wish to develop my ideas for a classic movie scenes remake with stereoscopic equipment; I have begun to construct plans for a commissionable show to be made over the course of the masters. I am looking forward to constructing the project plan and presenting it to my peers for their feedback.
Alongside this year long project I will re-master the gunslingers script, originally commissioned for rave live 2009 however due to problems with the project it was set back. Hopefully this year I can start the project well in advance and experiment with my multi genre format for interactive online viewing the project showed great potential with a large amount of interest, I am sure after playing with the script that it could be a again commissioned this time with some more help.
All in all this should be a fun year for me.

My first proper blog

and it reaks of optimism